Could China’s CO2 Emissions Peak Before 2020??

Too often I hear skeptics tell me that it doesn’t matter what we do about eliminating our carbon emissions here in the US because China is opening a new coal plant every week.   While that was true at one point, it is not the case anymore.   And not only have China’s...

China is Saying the Right Things About Climate Change

A short note to start the week…  China.  We’ll see what they actually do but at least they are now saying the right things.     I know there are skeptics out there that get this email but it’s better to hear the Chinese say the right things and hopefully act on their words rather...

Will China Leave the US in the Dust on Climate Change?

I have previously sent you posts about what is going on in China in regards to their “getting it” in regards to climate change, air pollution and green energy.  In response, a few people have written back that I am naive to think that China is doing anything other than destroying...

Buckle Up #4: India Is Going Solar

The following is the 4th of the articles l am sending documenting that the transition from fossil fuels to a green energy economy is not some vague future pipe dream but is happening NOW.  Personally coming from a career in the automotive business I am labeling these article ...